Take & Bake

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Valentine's shape availability(right)

Lower Left tray is the thicker machine deposited cookies

Upper Left tray is the hand-rolled cookies

We have Take and Bake products available for you to to bake at home at your convenience.  Pre- ordering is preferred so that we may have what you need when you come.  We have our delicious, flaky turnovers made with from scratch puffed pastry dough, scones that are super moist and delicious, and many different shapes of our versatile sugar cookie "cutouts"

Balls of dough and sheets of dough are also available.

4 pack scones - $8

4 pack turnovers- $6

24 pack of machine deposited thicker sugar cookie cutouts, 3.5 lbs ball of dough, 3.5 lbs sheet of dough - $7

24 Pack of flat hand-rolled sugar cookie cutouts $10